Corvette Goodness

It’s Tuesday. How does some Corvette goodness sound for today? Now that summer is in full swing the toys are beginning to make appearances. One of my readers came across these beauties while going out on an ice cream run. This really makes me miss all the car shows that I would’ve already attended if for not Covid-19. Damn. Nice to see these, though. A huge thanks to Phil for taking the time to send in these photos and allowing me to share them.

Seen any automotive goodness or bought a new toy? Snap a few photos and send ’em in! 


Hi Keep, Thank you for the daily updates – your site has been a favorite visit for me for so many years. Today we went out for a “socially distant “ lunch at a favorite ice cream spot. Fist time eating out since February! Wow we really lucked out because these beauties also arrived for an ice cream! My first thought was you. If you want to use the photos in any way be my guest. All the very best to you. -Phil

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