It’s Monday. Now that was a good weekend. We had some absolutely beautiful weather for the entire weekend. It was so nice on Saturday that the girlfriend and I jumped into the Corvette and took off for the day. A friend of ours recently purchased a house on the Kankakee river, so we set out to find it. I didn’t have the address but we had a pretty good idea where it was and we certainly didn’t mind driving around searching for it. We eventually found it and it turned out to be a really cool place. The first thing you notice is the enormous deck overlooking the river. The view is spectacular. Just across from the house in the middle of the river is a small island where numerous boats and people like to hang out. He told us that it’s quite the source of entertainment. You can’t help but notice the relaxed vibe out there. Residents get around on golf carts and minibikes and the pace is extremely laid back. We’re looking forward to coming back and spending the day out there with them. Nice place to kick back and enjoy life.

It was gorgeous on Sunday as well, so I cranked up my tunes, washed the Vette and then my girlfriend’s car. Had some dinner, watched the Nascar race in Atlanta, did some work, and that was it— I was beat. All I care about now is getting some good sleep.


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