Two Suns in the Sunset

It’s Friday! We have some heat & humidity moving in for the weekend. I love the heat but I can definitely do without the humidity.

A few weeks ago Roger Waters released a new live performance of “Mother” and has now followed it up with “Two Suns in the Sunset” from Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut album. Again, if you’re Pink Floyd or Roger Waters fan then you won’t want to miss this! 

With so many states experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases, the debate over mandatory masks in public is heating up again. Personally, I don’t think it’s a big deal to ask people to wear a mask while going to public places. But what about my freedoms? We restrict freedoms in the interest of public safety every day. That’s why you can’t drink & drive. It’s why you can’t smoke in public places. It’s why you have to wear a seat belt. I could go on.

Anyway, it’s Friday and I’m tired so I’m going to wrap this up by saying the babes & jokes are doubled… enjoy!


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