Black Friday

It’s Friday! I hope everyone had a decent Thanksgiving. Mine was really good. We had a small group this year but there was tons of tasty things to eat and my favorite, the pumpkin pie, was fantastic.

And so it begins. Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the insane rush toward Christmas has begun. Today is known as Black Friday because it’s traditionally the day when millions of shoppers descend on stores in search of big deals. But if you’re old like me, you may remember Cyber Monday. Back before everyone had high speed Internet access in their homes, people would return to work after the Thanksgiving holiday on the following Monday and use their work computer (with the high speed Internet) to order gifts online. Of course employers didn’t like it, but it was tolerated for the most part because buying online was a new concept and just about everyone was doing it. As you might imagine, very little work was accomplished on Cyber Monday.

And that’s your Internet history lesson for today! Get out there and shop or just wait until Cyber Monday!


Double babes & double jokes… enjoy!

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