Wrap It Up

It’s Friday! I was hoping to get a storage space for my Vette through a friend of my cousin, but when that didn’t work out I had to start calling around. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy finding space this late in the season and I was right. I called around 15 different places and all of them were full and most even had long waiting lists. It was time to just accept the fact that I was stuck storing it in my own garage this winter. So I got it all cleaned up, made some space, connected the battery tender, and covered it up. A week later a friend asked if I tried a place she had seen in the next town over. I hadn’t checked that particular one but told her it was just too late and everything was already full. We argued about it for a while but she looked up the number and insisted that I call anyway. And wouldn’t you know it, they not only had a space available but it was even cheaper than any of the others I had called. I’m happy I got it but… dammit!

Double babes, double jokes, and a hell of a nice amateur photo to help wrap up the week and kick off the weekend right. Enjoy!


Keep, this is for my husband who will (hopefully) be pleasantly surprised when he checks your website today. He’s a big fan and I just want him to know that I miss him. 🙂 -Anonymous

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