Mid-Week Amateur Goodness

It’s Wednesday and here in the Chicagoland area we’ve got more rain. No, not just rain, but MORE rain. That’s because we’re on our third consecutive day of rain. I’m not talking about sprinkles or showers. These have been all-day rains. The kind where you expect to look outside and see your crazy-ass neighbor constructing an Ark and rounding up the local animals—yeah, that kind of rain. The rivers are swollen and we’ve got at least two more days of this crap. It’s so bad I’ve forgotten what the sun looks like.

Enough about the rain, how does some mid-week amateur goodness sound? Enjoy!


Keep, I had started to worry as the weeks went by and you hadn’t returned. It’s great to have you back! I have two shots of a girl that I’ve been seeing and you’re welcome to share them with your readers. I’ll try to send more as I get them. She’s a tease but in a good way. Welcome back my friend! -Anonymous

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