It’s Friday! The clouds parted yesterday and we actually had a beautiful day without any severe weather. We may slip in another nice one today, which would be great because I’d like to get the Vette cleaned up from our cruise last Monday. That would be two nice days in a row, which means we’ll be paying for it with crap weather over the weekend and all next week. Mother Nature is pissed and the Midwest is definitely feeling the pain.

It wouldn’t be Friday without some amateur goodness to share with all of you. And, how does a pair of photos sound? Those along with double babes & double jokes should help kick off the weekend nicely. Enjoy!


Keeper, I’ve enjoyed your site for quite some time. My lady has decided to let me share some of her lusciousness.  She keeps me excited, I’m sure your fans will agree! All the usual Anonymous please. -Anonymous

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