Bohemian Rhapsody Mirror


I thought this was pretty clever. Check out this woman lip syncing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in a bathroom mirror. 


Weekend Weirdness

It’s Monday and I’m just glad it’s raining instead of snowing. The Chicagoland area had to deal with a spring snow storm Saturday that dumped as much as 7 inches of the horrid white stuff. Thankfully, here in the southwest suburbs we saw mostly rain and sleet. Snow in April isn’t usually a big thing, but this much so late in April is rare. And with only two days remaining in the month, I’m hoping that’s the last of the winter weather.

On Sunday I was pretty lazy. I didn’t have to leave the house for anything, so I didn’t! Instead I got out all my cheesy-poofs and butter pretzels, kicked back, and watched Chase Elliott win at Talladega. I have to admit that I found great joy seeing JFJ fall 10 laps behind and finish in 33rd place. I’m thinking retirement is catching up to him… and fast!

Time for some homemade beef & barley soup…


‘Dega Baby!

It’s Sunday and the time has come to do some superspeedway racing in Talladega! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this 2.6 mile track is the largest on the Nascar circuit and it’s my all-out favorite. Why? Because this place is wicked fast, the lineup is constantly changing, and a single mistake is all that stands between the winner and total mayhem! 


So get out the beer & munchies, it’s time for Talladega!


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