First Cruise of the Season

It’s Tuesday. The girlfriend and I took the Vette out for our first cruise of the season on Memorial Day. There was nasty weather coming in from the south-west, so we set course to the south-east where the skies looked less threatening. Before we knew it, we were in Indiana cruising the back country roads and small towns like Kentland and Morocco. Countless farms and wide open fields stretched on for what seemed like forever.

Another place we stumbled upon was the Kankakee Sands Prairie Restoration project. Kankakee Sands is the easternmost Conservancy Preserve where a herd of Bison roam 1,000 acres of reclaimed Indiana prairie. A viewing area was built off U.S. Highway 41 which provides a natural area of elevated space where people can observe the bison grazing on the prairie. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any Bison. I was a little bummed, but what can ya do? 

We worked our way home through Elwood, Illinois, where we stopped at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. It was late so all of the memorial services were over. It was heartwarming to see American Flags carefully placed on every headstone. Not just some, but every single one. It’s a very beautiful place, I highly recommend visiting if you can.

Our last stop of the day was for some dinner at the famous Launching Pad restaurant on Route 66 in Wilmington, Illinois. The iconic Gemini Giant has been completely restored and looks fantastic! We had some hot dogs and then snapped a few photos with the Giant. Not a bad way to wrap up our first cruise of the season. Hopefully there will be many more throughout the summer!


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