Friday Amateur Goodness

It’s Friday! The smoke from the west coast fires has traveled the midwest and arrived in the Chicagoland area. It’s not the orange color that you see near the fires, but a thick whitish-gray haze high above any existing clouds. I imagine it has an effect on temperature but not sure how much.

I’m running a little late finishing the update tonight, so let’s get to it. Today I have a new amateur photo to share with all of you. It was sent in by a very lucky reader. You’ll understand when you see the photo. Enjoy the new amateur photo along with the usual Friday double babes & double jokes!


Keep, my g-f sent this to me from her office. I think that you and your readers would like it. They should know that they’re all natural. Thanks for your hard work! -Anonymous 

Music-less Music Video

It’s Thursday. I featured a Journey musicless (is that a word?) video last week that was very awkward to watch. One of my readers found this one, Dancing In The Street, which is somehow even worse. Enjoy!


Taco Doritos

It’s Wednesday. Picked up another grocery order yesterday and once again Taco Doritos were noticeably absent. Most people go for Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch, but I’ve been a huge fan of Taco Doritos as far back as I can remember. So why is it they’ve suddenly disappeared from grocery shelves? I’ve tried every grocery store in my immediate area and I come up empty every time. All the other flavors of Doritos are always available but where are my beloved Taco chips? I checked the website and they’re still in the product lineup, so it’s not like they’ve been cut.

I’m wondering if this is a local issue or if others are noticing the same thing. If you see them in your area, drop me a quick note!


One thing that was in stock—candycorn!

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