A Look Back to Computers in 1994

It’s Saturday! What was it like buying a computer back in 1994? If you were around back then and into computers, this should bring back some memories.

For everyone else, this will probably be scary.


Back in 1994,I was working for the famous Silicon Valley startup General Magic. One night, my team and I decided to go into the local computer store In Palo Alto California and watch people buying computers. At the time, I considered the results of this shoot boring and put the Beta SP videotape in my archive. But today, all these years later, it is history for sure. All of my viewers who were around at that time will remember what computers and printers and keyboards and screens were like and how excited we were just to have a bit more memory. For my younger viewers, I do hope that this seems like ancient history, which in a way, it is. I particularly like the scene where the customer sees early video on a computer screen. I can still remember the thrill at seeing that moving image with sound coming over the Internet. -David

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