It’s Tuesday. One of my readers recently took his Honda CRV in for service at Johnson City Honda and saw a rather strange vehicle in the showroom—a beautiful Mille Miglia Red 1973 Corvette coupe! The ’73 was unique because it was the only C3 that had the new covered front bumper and the chrome split bumper in the rear. The covered bumpers would replace the chrome ones entirely by the following year.

A closer look reveals that this Vette was ordered with the LS4 454 big block engine and 4-speed manual. It has 41,376 miles and appears to be in very good shape. If you’re interested in getting more info, you can check out its listing or stop by Johnson City Honda in Johnson City, Tennessee. Thanks for taking the time to send it in!


Keep, not exactly what you expect to see on the showroom floor of a Honda dealership – 73 vette sporting the big block 454. They declined my offer to swap even up for my 2013 Honda CRV that was in for service. Go figure. Here are some pics and a link with more info for those with disposable income. I particularly like the inclusion of the assembly manual just in case you want to do a tear down and forget where the pieces go… Thanks for all the great work, we need it now more than ever. – Anonymous

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