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It’s Wednesday. Say it isn’t so! After 19 years of NASCAR racing at the Chicagoland Speedway, it was announced Tuesday that the Speedway will not be hosting a NASCAR race in 2021. A friend of mine received a letter from the Speedway (below) as the official announcement. In addition to the bad news for the Speedway, the Route 66 Dragstrip which sits adjacent to the Speedway, will also not be hosting any drag racing events in 2021. Without NASCAR and the NHRA, the future of this entire facility is not looking good.

NASCAR is supposed to reveal their 2021 season schedule today and even more major changes are expected.


Tomorrow the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series schedule will be unveiled, and Chicagoland Speedway will not be part of that lineup. In addition, the NASCAR Xfinity Series, Gander Trucks and ARCA will also not be returning to Chicagoland Speedway in 2021.

The move away from NASCAR racing at Chicagoland Speedway is one of many changes reflected in the 2021 schedule, and by no means a reflection of the support our fans have demonstrated. Rather, it is a desire and an important step for the industry to incorporate new markets and new courses into the schedule, and expand the variety of competition.

All of our fans have exhibited a tremendous amount of allegiance and patience over the past year, during which time we all have experienced significant challenges. While we share your disappointment around this news, we truly appreciate and value your commitment to the sport and to the track.

Chicagoland Speedway and Route 66 Raceway has been a central member of the Joliet / Greater Chicagoland area for 20 years, and we will continue to operate as an integral part of our community.

As far as NASCAR racing at the Chicagoland Speedway, it’s difficult at this time to speculate on what 2022 might bring. We will continue to work with NASCAR on potential future opportunities beyond 2021 and will keep you updated.

Finally, due to the corresponding impact on the shared resources between Chicagoland Speedway and Route 66 Raceway, and the future uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Route 66 Raceway will unfortunately not be hosting drag racing events in 2021.

Our team will be reaching out to you in the very near future to talk through any questions you might have, as well as the options for our customers.

We hope you and your family continue to stay safe and healthy. Thank you for your continued support.

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