It’s Wednesday. When it comes to large scale Corvette gatherings, Corvettes at Carlisle, held annually in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is one of the largest. Every year in August thousands of Corvettes converge on the small town of Carlisle for a three day celebration of all things Corvette. All eight generations are represented along with events like autocross, exhaust contests, technical seminars, flea market, and an all-Corvette car corral. 

One of my readers happens to live near Carlisle and knows all about the yearly event. His name is David and must have a sharp eye because he picked out this rare Callaway Corvette.  Callaway Cars Inc. is an American specialty vehicle manufacturer and engineering company that designs, develops and manufactures high performance packages for cars, pickup trucks and SUVs—but their specialty is Corvettes. Basically, they take a stock Corvette and increase performance to ridiculous levels. It’s not cheap, but if you can afford it and demand reliable next level performance for your Corvette, then you may want to check ’em out.


Good morning from New Oxford PA. I just wanted to say how much I have and continue to enjoy your page throughout the years. I’m an old IT guy from way back in the day when we had 300mb platters that weighed a ton and backed up on tape drive running UNIX. Here’s some “amateur goodness “ from 2012. Since we live so close to Carlisle PA, the corvettes roll into the area once a year. This Callaway was amazing! Enjoy. -David

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