Another Beaver Sighting

It’s Wednesday. It looks like we have another beaver sighting! This one comes from Juan, who found The Sheared Beaver in a town called Beaverlodge, which is located in Alberta, Canada. If you are going to own a business with a name like that, what better Canadian town than Beaverlodge?


Keep, Yes I took the photo it’s in Beaverlodge Alberta Canada. -Juan

Chicken Attack!

It’s Tuesday. One of the best parts of running this website is being able to feature videos like this.

And dammit now that song is stuck in my head.


Soggy Muddy Mess

It’s Monday. Mother Nature did not cooperate with Nascar’s experiment in the dirt this weekend. The 2,000 truck-loads of dirt brought in to change the surface of the Bristol Motor Speedway from paved to dirt, quickly changed to  a muddy mess when the rain began to fall Saturday. They were able to get in a practice session but the qualifying races scheduled for Saturday night were cancelled and the Sunday race was postponed to Monday afternoon. Thankfully the weather for Monday in Bristol is nothing but sunshine, so they should be able to finally do some racing in the dirt!

Got together for a family event on Saturday night at a restaurant and ate indoors for the first time in over a year. I thought it was going to feel weird but it was really nice. Felt completely normal. The food was fantastic and so much better than lukewarm carry-out!

Time to get back to work…


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