Beaver sighting!

It’s Wednesday. It looks like we have another beaver sighting on our hands. This one was sent in by Craig in Vancouver, Washington. I may have featured other condiments from Beaver Brand in the past but I think this is the first for their Sweet Honey Mustard. While most beaver related foods always seem to come from our friends up in the Great White North, it’s interesting to note that Beaverton Foods is actually located in Hillsboro, Oregon, right here in the States. I’ve never tried their Sweet Honey Mustard but I happen to have have a pastrami sandwich right here that I bet it would compliment nicely!  


Hey Keep, A little more beaver fun from Vancouver, Washington right across from the Columbia river between Portland, Oregon the state where this fine product comes from, specifically Hillsboro, Oregon by I don’t know if you have seen this product before or not, so for you and perhaps your website visitors viewing pleasure. May you find good health and happiness in all that you do and all that you are. -Craig from Vancouver, WA (was Cedar Park, TX until 2019)

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