Friday Amateur Goodness

It’s Friday! It looks as though the Chicagoland area will be facing a chilly weekend with temperatures only in the 20s. That sucks but it’ll be a perfect opportunity to make a toasty pot of Chili. Gotta make sure that we have a fresh bag of crunchy oyster crackers, too. I can’t do Chili without a healthy pile of ’em on top!

I featured a bunch of amateur goodness over this past week and thought it would be fitting to wrap the work week up with yet another. You all know the deal—Keep ’em coming in and I’ll feature them right here on my site.

Oh, and for no particular reason I decided that I’d skip the usual double babes for this Friday and instead go with a Babemania 40 strong. Enjoy!


Keep, I can’t believe that I’m doing this but I’ve sent you a picture of my wife’s beautiful breasts. I haven’t done anything like this before, but then I’ve never seen another web-site like yours before! As long as you keep this anonymous then I’m okay with you sharing it. I’m a big fan and a daily reader. Thanks for all the hard work it must take to do all this! -Anonymous

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