Amateur Wednesday

It’s Wednesday. What was supposed to be our first major snow event somewhat fizzled out. Out of the predicted 5-9 inches I’d say we got maybe 3. It was enough to transform the landscape and momentarily mess up the roads but that’s about it. On the other hand, our dog Abby thinks it’s awesome. Marilyn, our cat, completely disagrees. 

I have some new amateur goodness to share with all of you today. It comes from a reader who appears to have taken advantage of some quality time with his wife during the quarantine. And once you see his photo, who could blame him? Enjoy.


Keep, I thought you should know that you have a hell of a nice website. I don’t know how you keep it up like you do but its quickly climbed to the top of my favorites! I’d like to contribute to your “amateur goodness” with a picture of my wife [of 4 yrs] from one of our quarantine sessions. It’s yours to share if you so choose. -Anonymous

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