It’s Wednesday. When I was a kid I had all kinds of posters on my bedroom walls. It was the one place in the house that I could make my own, so I had everything from exotic cars to rock bands plastered on every square-inch of my bedroom walls. The larger the poster, the more tape it took to keep from falling to the floor. I tried tacks but they left holes in the poster and in the walls.

These days thick high-grade vinyl posters have replaced the old paper ones. Sticky tape, tacks, and glue are no longer needed because vinyl sticks naturally to most surfaces and can be reused over-and-over again. Even better, you can get just about anything from sports teams, logos, or even entertainment figures and more. One of my readers nephews recently decked out their room with a beautiful Velocity Yellow Corvette C8 and it looks fantastic! It doesn’t get much cooler than that!

If you’re interested in seeing more, check out fathead.com.


Keep, Thanks for all the hard work I enjoy the site daily. Me nephews bedroom got updated for the new year. Peter and Patrick are both big vette fans. Their dad currently has a C6 but would love getting into a new C8. Thanks again and have a great day. -Jeff

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