New Year’s Eve

It’s Thursday. Finally! I think most of us can agree that this past year has been a complete shit show. Between politics and Covid-19 it has truly been unprecedented. Seeing it wrap up tonight at midnight should bring a profound comfort to the entire world in more ways that anyone could possibly count.

So here’s to the end of 2020 and the hope that 2021 will bring better things all around.


Sadly, it appears Covid-19 made it all the way to Gilligan’s Island. Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann, has died of Covid at the age of 82.

Automotive “Barn” Goodness

It’s Wednesday. It’s called the greatest barn find collection known to man. I’m talking about Dodge Daytonas, a Plymouth Superbird, big block Chevys, Ford Thunderbirds, an L-82 Corvette with under 10 miles, DeTomaso Pantera, Jaguars, Lincolns and so much more. All of this automotive goodness found in one location on an unmarked, unpaved road. There were so many cars that it was split into two full episodes of Barn Find Hunter. Check out Part One above and Part Two below. Enjoy!


A Sight to Behold!

It’s Tuesday. One of my readers was seeing double at his local sports bar. No, not from too many beers, but out in the parking lot where a pair of beautiful new C8 Corvettes were parked! One in Rapid Blue and the other in Accelerate Yellow, both with black racing stripes. With only 20,368 built in 2020, they’re still fairly rare to spot out in the wild. And seeing two of them together, well, who knows what the odds are on that. Very cool. I probably would’ve forgotten why I was even there!


Hey Keep, I’m a long time fan and contributor and pulled into my local sports bar to grab some dinner to go and saw this in the parking lot. Literally two brand new Corvettes side by side. Someone bought themselves some awesome Christmas presents. -Matt

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