Fort Myers Beach

It’s Thursday. One of my readers recently came across this beauty in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. It appears to be a 1956 Corvette in Venetian Red with white coves. It’s difficult to be certain because there were very few cosmetic changes between the 56 & 57 Corvette. One of the few ways is to take a closer look at the rear-view mirror and how it’s mounted to the dash. In the ’56 the mirror was adjustable with a thumbscrew on its base, but the ’57 mirror required a wrench. If you take a closer look at both of these photos, the base of the mirror is covered by what appears to be a string of beads! Dammit!

So we’ll likely never know for certain, but at the end of the day all that matters is he’s driving it home and we’re not!


Keep, saw this in Fort Myers Beach last night and immediately thought of you. Thanks for all you do…..🤙🌴😎 -Fred

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