C2 Corvette Goodness

It’s Wednesday. Today I have some Corvette goodness of the C2 kind. And not just any second generation Corvette, but one of the most highly collectible, a 1967. The reason why the ’67 is so desirable today is the result of a number of factors. As the last of the model year, it was seen as the best of all the C2’s. By 1967 all the quirks and mechanical issues that surfaced over the years were basically resolved. Another contributing factor were options. At the very top were the high horsepower big block engines, factory side pipes, color combinations, and various rare options all added to the ’67’s popularity. The fact that they’re pretty bad-ass looking didn’t hurt either!

The photos of this beautiful 1967 Corvette come from Michael, a reader who saw this historical gem at a body shop. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any of the specifics on the car but there are a few clues revealed by the photos. One of the most important is the Stinger hood. Those were only available on ’67s with big block engines. The 427 badge on the hood confirms that this is indeed a big block car which can greatly influence the price. It’s also a convertible, which is highly desirable, and the color is Goodwood Green with white interior and top. I’m just having fun here but all these factors (and many more) all determine the collectibility and value of the car. A Corvette like this with it’s original powertrain, low miles, and paperwork can bring some serious money. It would also be a whole lot of fun to drive!

A huge thanks to Michael for sending in the photos!


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