Sunshine, Corvettes, and Dogs

It’s Friday! As I type this update I’m watching the NASCAR race in Kansas. Yep, a NASCAR race on a Thursday night. Since the season was interrupted by the pandemic, NASCAR has been trying to make up as many races as possible. It feels strange but at least it’s new content and not reruns like just about everything else.

It looks like this weekend is shaping up to be another hot one for Illinois. I have to say this has been a hot summer so far and I’m definitely liking it. We’ve had lots of great weather for top-down cruisin’ and judging from the photos featured today from reader Steve, he and his dog are enjoying the nice weather as well.  Take advantage of it while it’s here because it’ll be gone before we know it.

Okay, that’s about it from me. Don’t forget that the babes & jokes are doubled today… enjoy!


Sunshine, Corvettes and Dogs. Three of my favorites. Keep up the good work! -Steve

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