Corvette Moon

It’s Tuesday. The girlfriend and I are heading into the city today to check out the 2020 Chicago Auto Show. Of course, the car at the top of my list to see is the all new mid-engine C8 Corvette! This will be my first opportunity to see it in person, so I’m juiced about that!

And speaking of Corvettes, check out this beautiful black 2009 Corvette coupe. It belongs to John, a reader who has his sights set upon the new C8 as well. If you’re interested in purchasing this black beauty, let me know and I’ll pass your email address along to John. 


Hey Keep – Long time visitor to your site, thanks for all the work and daily updates, love the babes and the jokes 😊! With mixed feelings I’ve made the decision to sell my 2009 Coupe, and while doing the advert shoot the full moon popped over the horizon and I was able to capture this shot. It’ll be up for sale in a couple of days, hope it does well so I can bring the purchase of a c8 one step closer. I took the pic and you’re free to use it. Thanks again – John

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