Friday Goodness

It’s Friday! I could sure go for a nice hot 85 degree day right about now. Nothing fancy, just the exact opposite of what we’ve been getting lately. Hell, I’d almost settle for just some sunshine. We haven’t seen the sun in over a week. Depressing.

Okay, today I have a new amateur photo to share with all of you. The reader who sent it in seems very proud of his “lady” and rightfully so.  Enjoy the wonderfully endowed amateur photo along with the Friday double babes & double jokes!


Keeper, I noticed that you like to show amateur pictures and they are almost always boob pics. I think my lady can top anything I’ve seen on here. You be the judge! Great site btw! -Anonymous

The Heist

It’s Thursday. When the new fully-electric Porsche Taycan is stolen out of the Porsche Museum, it’s up to the security team and some of Porsche’s most iconic vehicles to get it back. It’s called “The Heist” and it takes you on a heart-pounding chase through scenic locations like Heidelberg, Heppenheim and the Black Forest in Germany. This is an extended cut of what you will see during the big game this weekend. Enjoy!



It’s an illusion

It’s Wednesday. This is witchcraft and it will probably break your brain.


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