Mobile Beaver Sighting!

It’s Tuesday. Over the years I’ve featured many different beaver sightings from around the world. They come from you guys, my readers, who take the time to send in your discoveries and I appreciate the effort.

This one comes from Ross, who found what I believe may be the first beaver sighting on wheels! That’s right, instead of it being a building or consumer product, this beaver is plastered on the side a van. And this particular beaver happens to be shaved, and proudly I might add!

It comes from a camper/van rental place called They rent all kinds of unique vans and campers. But why the giant shaved beaver on the side? Heh, why not? 


Hey Keep… Long time reader… even before the Midi and Boob scans. Contributed a couple times. Subaru vs cow and the potato gun. Oregon is the “Beaver State” and it’s on the back of the state flag. A huge amount of beaver content in Oregon. I’m in Mexico now and traveled out to Playa Telecote and saw this. Thanks for the best site on the web! -Ross

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