Dangerous Toys

It’s Thursday. Back when I was a kid toys were much different than what you see today. Specifically, they were far more dangerous! I can remember a toy chemistry set that was given to me by my uncle. It came in a large metal box with a drawing of a kid on it, playing with the set. This thing was packed with all kinds of chemicals, burners, mixing tubes, a scale, and measuring tools. I was only around 8 years old and my mom never let me have it, claiming it was far too dangerous. After a short while it was put up into the attic and never seen again. It was made for kids but now that I look back, she was right—way dangerous!

Jeff Dunham is known as an auto enthusiast, family man, and of course, there’s also his day job as a very popular Ventriloquist. As a kid of the 70s he’s knows all about dangerous toys. In the video featured today, he’s collected 10 of his favorite dangerous toys that he grew up with. So here it is, Jeff Dunham’s “Top 10 Toys That Almost Killed Me.”


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