Heat & Storms

It’s Friday! It was just too nice of a day to work yesterday, so the girlfriend and I jumped into the Vette and took a spin up to the city. The lakefront was gorgeous with beaches packed with so many others taking advantage of the warm sunny weather. We checked out a few neighborhoods like Bucktown and Wrigleyville (just as the game was getting out!) and got some food at Pork & Mindy’s and HVAC Pub. By 6pm I noticed that there were some nasty looking clouds building in the west and north, so we decided it was time to get moving. We dodged the nasty stuff, but did get some rain as we escaped the city. No complaints, though, we had a great time!

Today I have a collection of automotive goodness from Babe’s Hotdogs in Joliet, IL. I was a little disappointed in the turnout but there was still plenty to see. So enjoy the photos and the double babes & double jokes because it’s definitely Friday!


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