The Usual

It’s Monday. I hope all the Dads out there had a good Father’s Day. I also hope everyone enjoyed the special Father’s Day collection of babes. Our family didn’t do much yesterday because we’re having our Father’s Day get-together tonight. It was nearly impossible to get everyone together on Sunday, so it’s happening tonight. 

We had our usual Illinois weather over the weekend. Saturday was mostly rain and Sunday was cool, cloudy, and crappy. This is the worst spring/summer that I can remember. Hell, we’ve only had the Corvette out once this season. Yep, just once.

I’ve been getting email from readers who claim that when they come to the site, they’re seeing yesterday’s Daily Comments. Only after refreshing their browser are they able to see the current Daily Comments. I’ve been looking into this but haven’t been able to figure out why it’s happening. Let me know if it’s happening to you.


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