Graduation & Death

It’s Monday. That was a fast weekend for me. The girlfriend went to Louisville, Kentucky, for the weekend to see Paul McCartney in concert with her sister. Meanwhile, I had to go to a graduation party for my niece on Saturday. She just graduated from High School and is heading off to college in the fall. Thankfully the graduation ceremony was indoors, because right as it was wrapping up, a whole crapload of severe weather came rushing through. Heavy rain, high winds, and lightning would’ve had 800 students and their families frantically running for cover.

On Sunday I was planning to get some sun and catch the race in Pocono, but I ended up going to a wake instead. A friend of mine lost her father a couple days ago and I didn’t find out about it until Sunday morning. It sounds bad to say, but it wasn’t sad. He had a long full healthy life and didn’t become ill until a week or so ago. It’s never easy to lose someone close, but living a long healthy life into your 90s sounds like something to celebrate if you ask me.  



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