The Video Game Move

It’s Wednesday. In the final lap of the Martinsville race last Sunday, Ross Chastain needed to overtake Denny Hamlin in order to secure a spot in the final four racing for the Nascar Championship. Chastain pulled off a move that people claim had never been done before. He managed to use the outside barrier wall to accelerate past other cars, going from tenth to fifth in just seconds. Normally when cars hit the wall, they drastically slow down. However, Chastain kept his foot on the accelerator and managed to go faster than the other cars which all had to slow down to make the turn. This maneuver enabled him to beat Denny Hamlin by a couple of feet, thereby stealing the final transfer spot from Hamlin. And Hamlin never even saw it coming.

In the video footage above you can see the move from the perspectives of other drivers and hear their reactions over the team radios.


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