Please, Make It Stop!

It’s Thursday. Crap! We got even more of the horrid white stuff yesterday. I was working at an office with no windows all day and was surprised when I left that an inch or two had accumulated. When I got home I let the dog out and upon seeing the snow, she immediately went nuts and got a serious case of the zoomies. I wasn’t anywhere near that excited, but it was fun seeing her rip around in her new winter wonderland.

And speaking of a winter wonderland, one of my readers up in the Great White North sent in the photo featured above. It looks like they have more of the horrid white stuff than we do—as well they should! And that gives me just a tiny bit of satisfaction. At least there are others who have it worse than we do down here in Illinois!


Keep, I read your post re: Horrid White Stuff and we in the Great White North commiserate with you, but at least your snow melted where as ours is probably here to stay with more in the forecast. We’re 45 minutes north of Toronto so we can’t expect any better… 😁

Keep up the good work, glad you’re getting your weekends off…


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