It’s Monday. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday now well behind us, we started putting up some of our Christmas decorations. Nothing crazy, just a few things in the house and some lights outside. I also started setting up my car tree. For those of you who are new to my website, every year I put up a special tree that I put all my car ornaments on. Many years ago I started collecting various Corvette ornaments. I started out putting them on our Christmas tree, but over the years the collection grew to the point that I had to give them their own tree. This year I picked up three more; a ’56 Corvette, a ’65 Corvette, and Lightning McQueen from the Cars movie. I’ll put up a photo of the tree when I get it done.

Well, the Bears performed as expected in their game against the Jets on Sunday. Yes, you guessed it—they sucked. With our quarterback Justin Fields out for the season, our backup propelled the team to new levels of suck. Actually, it wasn’t all his fault. Nope, this was once again a team effort.


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