It’s Monday. I’ve been following the SRX races again this year and I love it. I’m really liking the format of several short heat races followed by the main feature. Where Nascar races can be 3 to 4 hours long, the SRX races are short, intense, and the entire event is over in just 2 hours. I still love Nascar, but the racing is just too drawn out. Oh, and the winner of Saturday night’s SRX race at the I-55 Raceway? My favorite driver, Tony Stewart!

Had a good weekend. We had some rain but in between the showers there was time to get out to my storage facility and wake the Corvette from its winter slumber. After charging the battery and getting the tires up to pressure, it’s now back home where it belongs. I’m looking forward to putting the top down and getting it out on the road.


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