Weekend Sun

It’s Monday. Had a really nice weekend. The sun was out on Saturday and it was a beautiful day to be outside. So the girlfriend and I took Abby along to check out an outdoor recreational vehicle show. You know, RVs, motorhomes, and trailers. She’s always wanted to have one of these monsters to take across the country, but we knew very little about them. We learned quickly that we didn’t want a trailer. They require a truck to pull the trailer and neither of us wanted to go that route. That left motorhomes—small, medium, and colossal. She didn’t care for the small or medium models that were based on commercial trucks, so that left only the big boys—colossal. These are basically rolling houses. And depending on what options you get, they can easily cost as much as a house. Good show.

Later that afternoon we checked out Cruz Night in Morris, Illinois. It was a perfect night for the show with 975 registered cars in attendance. I’ll feature a bunch of my favorites in my Tuesday update.



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