It’s Tuesday. The combination of a big-ass engine with a feather-light frame and body make for a car with killer speed. Carroll Shelby knew this better than anyone when he built the infamous AC Cobra. Originals can go for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the Cobra also happens to be the most popular kit car on the market. That means you can build one of your own for thousands less. And if you’re not mechanically inclined, don’t sweat it because you can also buy a kit Cobra that someone else built.

One of my readers caught this Cobra at a farmer’s market in Louisiana. It’s most likely a kit, but I bet it’s just as fun as the originals, only without the crushing anxiety of driving an original! Thanks for taking the time send it in, Paul!


Keep, I have been a long time fan of your website. I was at the farmers market south Louisiana this past Saturday and ran across this fine specimen. I just took the pics with my phone. The car seemed spotless with some wear on the seats. Beautiful ride that sounded awesome! Didn’t get to talk to the owner so not sure if it’s real or kit. -Paul

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