Nope = Yep!


It’s Tuesday. I got a text yesterday from a friend asking if I wanted to go see the movie “Nope” by Jordan Peele. I like Jordan’s previous films like “Get Out” and “Us” so I was definitely up for it. I really like Peele’s style, he’s a master storyteller and in this movie he gets your attention immediately. The story starts out with two ranch owning siblings who are dealing with the death of their father, who was killed by strange objects falling from the sky. While investigating the cause, it quickly becomes more ominous. It’s ambitious and weird but that’s part of its charm. You never know where Peele is going to take the story and that’s a big part of the reason I like his work. If you’re a fan of his previous films, then you’ll definitely want to see “Nope”.


Steaming Weekend

It’s Monday. Holy crap did we ever have a wicked combo of heat and humidity over the weekend. It was in the 90s on Saturday and humid as hell. Every time I left the house the humidity would hit you like a truck as soon as you went out the door. Doing anything outside during mid-afternoon was just impossible. Even still, I’ll take this over the horrid white stuff any day!

It was strange not doing updates over the weekend but I liked having a break from it. I’ve been doing daily updates seven days a week since I started this site back in 1995. That’s a hell of a lot of work! I think taking weekends off is long overdue.

We had a fair amount of rain on Sunday, so it was easy to stay indoors and get some work done while watching the Nascar race in Michigan. It was cool seeing Harvick snap his winless streak and get another win for Stewart-Haas racing.


Weekend Again!

It’s Friday! We have more heat and humidity moving in for the weekend. Hopefully it won’t be too bad because it would be nice to take the Vette out for a spin and I want that top down!

As I mentioned earlier on Monday, I will no longer be posting my daily updates over the weekend. I will continue doing them Monday through Friday, but no longer on Saturday and Sunday.

Okay, since it is Friday, I thought I’d wrap the week up with some amateur goodness. Of course, there will also be double babes and double jokes, so enjoy!


Hey Keep, here is a picture of my wifes DD. Hope you and your fans enjoy her if she makes the cut. No names please. -Anonymous

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