Auto Goodness

It’s Friday! Okay, there will be fireworks, BBQ, more fireworks, more BBQ, and plenty of alcohol. Put all these things together, mix it all up, and you have what we like to call the 4th of July Weekend! That’s right, here in the States Independence Day is upon us. The girlfriend and I are looking forward to a weekend cookout and hopefully some awesome fireworks!

Today I have a gallery of automotive goodness to share with all of you. It comes from Tony, a reader who recently attended a car show in Lombard, Illinois. That’s not too far from where I live, so I may have to go check out this show one of these Saturday nights. A huge thanks to Tony for taking the time to send in all these incredible cars! Enjoy all the photos along with the double babes & double jokes!


Hey Keep!

Tony here again.

I’m at the Lombard car show. Every Saturday. You should definitely try to make this one.

Pretty good turn out tonight. Last week was way better though. Never know with car shows.

I’ll send some pics.

Have a great weekend.


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