It’s Thursday. What is this? It looks like one of my readers caught a pair of gorgeous C8 Corvettes out in the wild. He found them in the parking lot at a golf club in New Tripoli, PA. Sadly, the photos are very small but it appears the one in Rapid Blue is a coupe and the one in Torch Red is a convertible. Blue, red, coupe, convertible… I’d take one in any color or configuration! Thanks for sending in your photos, JBK.


Hi Keep, It never ceases to amaze me what I occasionally find in our golf club’s parking lot. Mind you, we are not a high-end country club. Olde Homestead is just a friendly rural public golf club in New Tripoli, PA. When I arrived at 8 o’clock this past Sunday morning these two beauties greeted me in the parking lot! Thanks Keeper! -JBK Whitehall, PA

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