Cars I’d Kill For…


It’s Saturday! I found this unbelievably beautiful 1959 Corvette Restomod and just had to share it. It’s absolutely perfect.

Would I kill for this car? You betcha!


Spring Yet?

It’s Friday!  We’re well into spring now but it’s still rather chilly out there. I saw something on the news the other night saying that we’re about 10 degrees below the average for this time of year. A ten degree difference is very noticeable when it’s only in the 40s & 50s. I’m ready to close out April and move into (hopefully) a warmer May.

Double babes, a whole mess of jokes, and a new amateur photo is what’s on the menu for today. Enjoy!


Keep, this here’s my humble contribution to your amateur pics. Its my wife and as you can see she was blessed by the boobie god. Go ahead and use but no names! -Anonymous

A Handicap Parking No-No

It’s Thursday. Corvette owners often get a bad rep for their creative parking, like selfishly taking up two spaces in an effort to shield their car from other vehicles. But parking in a handicapped space when you’re not disabled is a big no-no. The C8 in the photo is in a handicapped space but if you look closer, a handicapped placard is visible hanging from the rearview mirror. Of course, you have to wonder just how disabled its owner could possibly be, considering the level of difficulty just getting in-and-out of such a low vehicle. Before you answer that, it should be noted that this was in Florida, a state packed with senior citizens. And in Florida they include free handicapped placards in every bottle of Metamucil and package of Depends undergarments. So, yeah, the C8s owner may not be very disabled. On the other hand, and there is often another side to the story, he could be a Veteran who took shrapnel in a war defending our asses and needs a closer parking space due to limited walking stamina. You just don’t know until you’ve walked in their shoes.


Hey Keep. My wife and I are in Fort Meyers Beach Florida for vacation. Saw this in Bonita Springs. It just isn’t right! If you zoom in they actually have a handicapped card on the rear view mirror. The owner might be a doctor or knows a very flexible one. JUST NOT RIGHT… -Shane from Ontario Canada

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