C3 Heat

It’s Friday! My Dad sent me this photo of a law enforcement Corvette that he found on the net. I’m guessing that this C3 was confiscated in a drug bust or used in some other illegal deed before being rebranded to fight crime. I guess if you’re going to get pulled over, it might as well be by a cop in a sweet ride like this. If I was a cop, I’d pick this over the usual boring Ford cruiser for sure!

And speaking of vehicles, I have a bizarre automotive issue with my van that has even my mechanic cousin stumped. Here’s the deal. If my gas gets down to a quarter-tank or less, it has a very hard time starting. The starter enthusiastically does its job but you don’t hear even the slightest indication that the motor wants to start. All you hear is the starter. Usually after 5 to 20 attempts on the ignition, it will eventually start right up. And once it starts it runs perfectly. And fill the tank over a quarter and the whole problem goes away.

Maybe some bad gas in the tank? But once it starts it runs perfectly. No misses or stuttering.

Maybe a bad fuel pump? No, because once started it runs perfectly.

Maybe a clogged fuel filter? Again, not likely because when it does eventually start, it runs and operates perfectly.

Any ideas? Drop me an email if ya think you might know what’s going on.

Okay, since it’s Friday the babes and jokes are doubled! Enjoy the holiday weekend!


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