Electrified Hummer

It’s Tuesday. With all the major automakers pivoting to hybrids or fully electric models, it appears that electric vehicles are the future. And now that pickup trucks are outselling passenger cars, it only makes sense to develop electric powered pickups. One of my readers, Steve, caught this 2022 GMC Hummer EV in Santa Cruz, California, at a local car show. This is a treat because you don’t see many of these out in the wild yet. I saw another rare pickup last week. It’s was a R1T Pickup made by Rivian right here in Illinois. Electric pickups are here and the future looks cool!


Keep, This beauty showed up at our local C & C Brand new Hummer EV. If you can find one it will run you around $150K . He has been offered more than that to resell it 1,000 HP and will go 150 mph. Big toy for the rich and or famous. -Steve G, Santa Cruz CA

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