Friday, Baby!

It’s Friday! We made it to Friday but here in Illinois it looks like we’re in for a crappy weekend of rain and chilly weather. Great. We get a nice day or two and then it all goes to shit for several more. I’d love to start checking out a few car shows but with weather like this, it just isn’t going to happen. Dammit.

Well, today I have a new amateur photo to share with everyone. I was also going to do the usual double babes & double jokes but decided against it. Why do doubles when it could be 20, 30, or erven 35 babes along with a whole mess of jokes? Rhetorical question, I know. Enjoy!



Keeper, I’ve been a lurker for a year now faithfully checking in every day. I really like it but I can’t figure out how you do it with no ads?!? Anyway no more lurking for me, here’s a photo of my wife that you can share if you want. Thanks a bunch and please don’t post my email or name. -Anonymous

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