Supercar Goodness

It’s Thursday. Ya got your economy cars, luxury cars, muscle cars, and then you got these—supercars! One of my readers caught these high-performance high-dollar beauties sitting outside a swanky steakhouse in nearby Naperville, Illinois. Bugatti, McLaren, Ford GT, C8 Corvette, and Porsche all make for a pretty impressive lineup. It’s not every day that you can catch an exotic  collection like that. Very cool. Thanks for taking the time to send in the photos, Tony!


Hey Keep, Long time follower. Great site! Based on all of your comments I know we both live in or near the western burbs so I’m sure you know the area. Downers Grove for me. Went to dinner last night in Downtown Naperville and while we were walking around we came across the valet parking lot for Sullivan’s Steak House. See attached photos. Not sure (in fact I’m positive) if I’d be giving my keys for my Bugatti or Ford GT to some valet kid who’s still in high school! I actually don’t think I’d ever get out of any of these super cars if I owned one of them. People were actually touching the Bugatti and taking pics with their girlfriends. Bunch of ding dongs who just don’t understand cool car etiquette. Geeez…. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. -Tony


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