Another Summer Toy

It’s Tuesday. The summer toys continue! I’ve featured bitchin’ Camaros, killer Mustangs, custom Harley-Davidsons, and now a… 1992 SAAB 900s convertible? Proof that summer toys can come in all kinds of flavors!


Keep, It’s me again, the guy who brought you that beautiful Callaway Corvette in Gettysburg PA. Now it’s my turn to show you my Summer time toy and there’s a sob story behind her. Back in 2013,14 my sister almost died due to a rare heart condition. In around the same time, her husband almost died due to a strange liver infection. During the entire time, I was there for both of them. When the smoke cleared and both were out of the hospital, my wife, sister, and I went to visit them in Cherry Hill NJ. This was a gift from them for being there during that terrible time in there lives. The car is a1992 SAAB 900s convertible. It took me 3 years to bring “Linda” back to life. The car is a unicorn, trophy winner, and a head turner as there aren’t too many of these left on the road. -David

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