Turn Up the Heat

It’s Monday. Daniel Suárez, driver of the No. 99 celebrates after winning the Nascar race at Sonoma Raceway on Sunday. It was his first win in the Cup Series, so he and his team were pretty damn excited. And yes, that’s a giant taco piñata!

Back here in Illinois we had a mix of rain and sun over the weekend. I got some work done during the rainy parts and did some reading outside when it got warm and sunny. We have some real heat and humidity moving in for the next couple days, so I’m looking forward to that. Maybe now it’ll start feeling like summer around here.

I want to thank all of those who wrote in earlier when I asked for some suggestions concerning a problem with my van. While checking some of your ideas over the course of a week, I noticed the problem becoming less frequent. It’s completely gone now so I really think it had to do with skunky gas. I ran the tank out and haven’t had a single problem since then. Thanks again for all your ideas.


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