Go Electric

It’s Thursday. I’m not a huge Ford fan. I like the Mustang but I don’t like that they used the Mustang name for their new electric SUV called the Mustang Mach-E. I’m all for new electric vehicles, especially with today’s inflated gas prices, but why put the Mustang nameplate on their new SUV?

One of my readers sent in the photo featured today of a Mustang Mach-E (right) that he saw at his local Ford dealership. The electric future is here—sorta—because but if you want one of these then you may be waiting for up to a year! Thanks for taking the time to send it in, Jim!


Keep, I was at the local Ford dealer today getting the 10K mile service for my car. They had 1 e-Mustang on the showroom floor but there was a sign on it “Sold Do Not Touch”. They told me it would take a year to get one. -Jim

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