Not So Pretty

It’s Wednesday. Is there such a thing as an ugly Corvette? If so, I feel this one could be a solid contender. It was sent in by one of my Canadian readers who found it in this For Sale ad. It’s a 1991 C4 Chevrolet Corvette convertible with an automatic transmission, 83,000 miles, and a, well, rainbow paintjob. The price of $12,500 isn’t bad for this model but that paintjob would have to go. Unfortunately, the cost involved in repainting this Corvette would likely exceed its listing price. It needs an owner with bodywork and paint skills capable of doing the job himself/herself. I hope it finds a new owner. Thanks for taking the time to send it in, Robert!


Hey Keep, I check you out every day and love your work! Seen this on a local “buy and sell” and figured I would pass it along!

Love from Up North, Robert

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