Custom Harley

It’s Wednesday. The weather is warming up and the toys are beginning to awaken from their winter slumber. I was at my cousin’s shop yesterday to get a new battery when I got a good look at a custom Harley he’s been working on over the winter. He installed the bags, modified their length, and repainted it. I’ve seen it before but it was always in pieces, so it was cool to finally see it assembled. It was supposed to leave the shop while I was there to get all new electrical installed, but once they got it loaded into the trailer, they quickly realized it was now roughly 4 inches too long because they couldn’t close the rear hatch. It’s a heavy bastard, too, and getting it in there was no easy task. So back out it came until the customer can return with a larger trailer. It’s not my style but it was still cool seeing it come together. Now bring on that summer heat!


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