Summer Toy Combo

It’s Thursday. I have more summer toys to share with all of you today. This one, or three, come from Ross, a reader with an adventurous spirit and a hell of a nice setup. We’re looking at a Ford F-350 Supercab pickup, a Lantz 850 Roadster Camper, and a Hewescraft 180 Sportsman boat with trailer. And all this equipment isn’t just for show. In the past two years he’s taken it all over the western & southern US. What a perfect way to see and experience all that our country has to offer. Thanks for writing in, Ross!


Hey Keep… This isn’t your usual toy, but it’s mine. All 2019. Ford F350 Supercab, Lantz 850 Roadster Camper, and Hewescraft 180 Sportsman. The 6.7 diesel is rated at 450 HP and 935 lbs. of torque. Been all over the western US and south to the tip of Baja in the last two years. Picture taken in eastern Oregon with that dreaded snow on the hills a month ago. -Ross

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